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I am abstract. Following this blog will show just that. I am a lover of many things. Some of those include firearms, and the 2nd Amendment, kitties, and food. An occasional NSFW.++ Anti-feminist/masculinist. Anti-Government. Anti-Liberal/Conservative/Left/Right winger.++ Pro-Libertarian/Voluntarist/Anarchist. ++Follow forever, or follow for a short time. Either way, enjoy the tumble down.



Chair of Death

Sheldon from the “The Big Bang Theory” can relate to this curse. A man named Thomas Busby had a favorite chair that nobody else was allowed to use. He went so far as to curse it so that nobody can use it without dying. He ended up strangling his father-in-law to death…

(Source: bit.ly)


That ramen seller in Mass Effect is a damn liar! Delicacy my ass.


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